My name is Satu and some people ( very few.... I'm hoping ) might say that I'm obsessed with the RHPS. I first went to the show in March 1997 and started going regularily that summer, after that I got hooked. I would refer to my habit as more of an addiction than an obsession. ( but I would have to say that )

I could say that I like Rocky because it is never the same, this is not entirely true. I think it caters to my need for repetition, I'm behaving like many children who can watch repetitive television shows again, and again and again, still not getting bored. This could be related to my fear of losing my youth and gaining responsibilities.

I have been playing Janet since September 1998. I have played all but two parts at this stage. The closest I've come to Riff Raff is the space scene, and Columbia's tap dance would be far too frightening anyway!

I make the costumes for the show also. I am very proud of the space costumes, Trixie's dress and Columbia's costume. If you come to the show all comments, and of course compliments are welcome!


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