My name is Elina and I have been going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show every week since July '97, so I'm a relative newcomer. I started going with my twin sister Satu ( who plays Janet ) and a few friends. Eventually they stopped going but we stayed.

I seem to spend a lot of my time explaining to people why I go every week. I usually babble for a while before giving up and saying "I just go because it's...FUN!" I am still going because I love the film, the characters and the participation, but mostly because I still have a good time, despite the sore throat and assorted scratches and bruises I leave with at the end of the night.

I play Columbia nowadays. She has always been my favourite character. When people ask me which one Columbia is my usual response is that she is the one with the squeaky voice,who wears sequins...and dances...hmm...SEQUINS! I sometimes play Trixie aswell, which i pretend not to like but truthfully I actually quite enjoy it :o)

I'm also the person responsible for the website so feel free to mail me with any queries, comments, suggestions etc.

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